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Introduction to the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce

The Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce (BJCOC) is hereby established in accordance with the Program for Institutional Reform in the Beijing Municipal Government approved by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and the Notice of Beijing Municipal People’s Government on Institutional Setup (Jing Zheng Fa [2009] No.2).The BJCOC is an integral department functioning under municipal government. The department undertakes trade and foreign economic cooperation inside and outside Beijing and operates in the capacity of the Port Office under the Beijing Municipal People's Government (hereinafter, “Port Office”).

Primary responsibilities
(1) Implement State laws, regulations, rules and policies with respect to domestic and foreign trade as well as foreign economic cooperation; draw up drafts of relevant local laws and governmental regulations applicable to the municipality; research development strategies for domestic and foreign trade and foreign economic cooperation; propose medium, long-term and annual development plans for domestic and foreign trade and foreign economic cooperation, and organize the implementation thereof

(2) Responsible for pushing ahead the restructuring of the circulation industry in Beijing; instruct the reform of circulation enterprises; facilitate the development of trade services and local businesses; propose political suggestions to promote the development of commercial small and medium-sized enterprises; and promote the development of modern circulation methods such as circulation standardization, chain-store operations, franchising, logistics and distribution and e-commerce.

(3) Promote urban and rural market development in the municipality; prepare layout plans for key facilities in conjunction with relevant departments for commodity circulation and living services (excluding lodging industry), as well as wholesale markets for bulk products, urban commercial networks, municipal large-scale commercial centers, distinctive commercial districts and organize the implementation thereof; push forward the development of business systems and rural market systems and organize the implementation of rural modern circulation network engineering.

(4) Take the lead in coordinating the rectification and regulation of the order of the market economy in the municipality; propose political suggestions to standardize market operations and circulation order; promote the improvement of creditability in trade and the establishment of market credibility public service platform; guide commercial credit sales and conduct supervision and management of special circulation sectors according to relevant provisions.

(5) Organize the implementation of market regulation of important consumer goods and circulation management of major means of production; establish and improve the emergency supply management system in the daily necessities market; monitor and analyze market operations as well as product supply and demand; survey and analyze information on commodity prices to conduct forecasts, early warnings and information guides; and handle reserves management of key consumer goods and market regulations in accordance with the division of responsibilities; supervise the circulation of product oil according to relevant provisions; organize the implementation of the supply of goods and related services for important meetings and major activities at the central government and municipal levels.

(6) Organize the preparation of layout plans for key facilities involving logistics distribution in the municipality jointly with relevant departments; draw up related policies and measures and organize the implementation thereof, and coordinate the planning and construction of logistics parks.

(7) Responsible for the management of imports and exports in and out of the municipality; draw up policies and measures to facilitate pattern shifts for foreign trade growth; responsible for record-filing of qualifications for import and export enterprises and the management of import and export commodity quotas coordination and processing trade contracts; coordinate export rebates for various import and export enterprises in Beijing; supervise bidding activities with respect to imported mechanical and electrical products and guide foreign trade promotion activities; offer guidance to related industries in the Tianzhu Free Trade Zone and other areas under special customs supervision.

(8) Responsible for the work related to technology trade in the municipality; implement State trade policies with regard to foreign technology trade and import and export controls; encourage the import and export of technology and complete equipment; promote the standardization of import and export trade; supervise the work of technology and equipment imports subject to export restrictions of the State in accordance with the law; and issue licenses or permits for the import and export of dual-purpose items and technologies pursuant to the law.

(9) Take the lead in drawing up development plans for service trade in the municipality; introduce policies and measures to promote the development of service exports and service outsourcing and organize the implementation thereof in conjunction with relevant departments; and promote the construction of a public service platform for service outsourcing.

(10) Assist in undertaking foreign trade-related intellectual property protection in the municipality; responsible for comprehensive coordination of issues related to the WTO involving the municipality; assist in undertaking import and export fair trade duties, industrial damage investigation and industrial safety response in the municipality; and provide assistance in dealing with anti-monopoly related work commissioned by the Ministry of Commerce.

(11) Manage foreign investment in the municipality; draw up foreign investment policies and organize the implementation thereof; duly handle examination and approval of the establishment and change of enterprises with foreign investment including the establishment of such enterprises by foreign investors through domestic enterprise acquisitions; supervise and inspect, according to the law, the implementation of laws, regulations and rules, as well as articles of association and contracts by enterprises with foreign investment, and coordinate the resolution of problems in connection therewith; guide investment promotion, approval of enterprises with foreign investment and work related to foreign investment in development zones; and strengthen regional economic cooperation and exchanges with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

(12) Responsible for foreign economic cooperation in the municipality; research and make policies and measures for the development of foreign economic cooperation; responsible for work involving foreign multilateral and bilateral economic and technical assistance; administer and supervise overseas investment, foreign contracted projects and foreign labor cooperation in accordance with the law; handle work related to the protection of the rights and interests of outbound laborers and persons working overseas and duly approve the establishment of businesses overseas by enterprises in the municipality (excluding financial companies) according to relevant authorities.

(13) Instruct and coordinate the production safety supervision of fields under its jurisdiction; supervise and inspect the implementation of laws, regulations and rules on safety by key entities under its jurisdiction in accordance with the law; provide assistance to relevant departments in the investigation and punishment of volitions thereof and undertake appropriate management responsibility; responsible for supervision and management of safety-related work with respect to salt production, salt wholesaling, pig slaughtering, pawning, cotton purchasing, cotton processing and circulating product oil.

(14) Draw up drafts of local laws and governmental regulations governing port-related work in the municipality; research and propose port development plans, policies and measures, and organize the implementation thereof; responsible for overall coordination and management of ports and “easy customs clearance”; organize and coordinate the promotion of cultural and ideological progress within the Capital Airport area; responsible for overall control of social public security and other related work.

(15) Responsible for the macro management of human resources for business services in the municipality; guide, promote, organize and coordinate the cultivation of qualified personnel for business services and train talent to inherit thetime-honoredbusinesses.

(16) Undertake other tasks assigned by the municipal government.

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